Onthewaytoprison, etching  

catwoman, etching, chine colle  










The woods of irony, screenprint,  etching, 19 x 24"

The woods of irony(2), screenprint, etching, 19x 24

Underbelly1: Down Here You have to  Be Nice, etching,c. colle(4.85"x6")

Underbelly2, etching, chine colle,  ve, (4.75" x 5.5")

UB3: Tough on men, kind to wimmin', etching, cc. ve 3.75"x2.75"

UB4:Turn on the movie cameras, etch ing, cc. ve, 3.5"x3.5"

UB5:Down here you gotta be nice(2) etching,cc. 6"x4.5"

UB6: A Happiness I wouldn't want to Reproduce, etching, cc. 6"x4.5"

UB7:Soft piped in music(2), etching chine colle, 3.5"x3.25"

UB8:I wanted people to think well  of me, etching, cc, 7"x3.25"

Underbelly7:Soft Piped in Music, etching, VE 7/8 (3.5"x3.5 ")